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We offer a unique and expanding lineup of digital workplace solutions… empowering your entire team to collaborate, communicate, engage and share.

Reliable, private and secure. Connect from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone. Seamless integration with your existing on-premise or cloud systems.

Simple, affordable pricing. Capacity on demand… you only pay for what you need. Add or discontinue services whenever you want… no contracts, no commitments.

Instant automated setup. Built-in backup and recovery. Open source technology, 100% portable, no vendor lock-in… you're always in control.

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Our portfolio of digital workplace solutions is continually expanding to meet your growing and changing needs. Sign in or create an account to view current offers. Here are a few examples…

  • Data archiving, backup and recovery
  • Enterprise‑grade email services
  • Legacy Windows virtual machine hosting
  • Multi‑site web hosting and content delivery
  • Realtime voice, video and messaging
  • Workgroup collaboration suites
  • Portable Private Operating Domain (Pod)

    Our packaged solutions are provisioned as portable private operating domains (pods) and hosted in world‑class data centers. Each pod is an independent and complete computing environment with its own multi‑processing, storage and network resources… fully capable of hosting multiple workloads, containers (Docker) and virtual machines (KVM/QEMU). A pod is 100% software and may be copied, modified and freely moved between x86‑64 hosts. Our technology is…

  • Reliable, flexible, private and secure.
  • Open source, with no license fees and no vendor lock‑in.
  • Proven, safe and 100% portable. Move your workloads wherever and whenever you want.
  • Compatible with all your existing on‑premise and cloud‑based computing services.
  • Our pod‑based solutions deliver superior features and unbeatable business value… including built-in backup and recovery… along with huge cost savings over cloud providers like AWS, Azure and Google.

    From your account console simply choose a packaged solution, select optional features, and submit your order. Your pod will be created, provisioned and deployed… usually within minutes. You can then connect from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone worldwide.

  • Simple, affordable pricing. You only pay for what you need.
  • Add, change or cancel services whenever you like.
  • Monthly subscriptions. No long‑term contracts, no commitments.
  • Join us! We've been delivering high‑quality digital workplace solutions to businesses, professional practices, nonprofits and other workgroups since 1997. Create an account to view current offers.

    Skilled proactive technical support is essential to making your digital workplace reliable, available and secure. That's why we offer Active Support subscription plans to monitor, manage and maintain select packaged solution workloads running in our pod computing environments. Sign in or create an account to check for specific offers.

    As an included feature with most of our pod‑based solutions a daily snapshot of each pod's filesystem is saved to backup. However, in a recovery from backup all changes to data, programs and settings since the most recent successful snapshot will be lost. Moreover, there is no guarantee that running workloads will be recovered intact. In particular, workloads running as virtual machine (KVM/QEMU) images in your pod are not backed up.

    If you need more frequent or fine‑grained backup with more assured recovery and rollback options (including backup and recovery of virtual machines) you should implement your own additional procedures or subscribe for an Active Support plan.

    Our support plans typically provide in‑scope coverage for…

  • Automated backups of files and data sets
  • Recovery testing and backup set validation
  • Software updates and patching
  • Status monitoring and remedial intervention
  • Activity and change logging and reporting
  • Online ticketing and telephone callback
  • Out‑of‑scope services at preferred rates
  • Backup

    Specified filetrees and data sets are copied to archives for subsequent recovery in case of error, accident, failure or malicious action. Data backup support includes:

  • Defined RPOs and RTOs
  • Separate physical storage sites
  • Multiple point‑in‑time versions
  • In‑flight and at‑rest encryption
  • Automated, scheduled, verified
  • Recovery

    Data backup archives are retrieved from storage and restored as required. Data recovery support includes:

  • Integrity checks of archived data
  • Recovery testing from backup archives
  • On‑demand access to archived content
  • Updates

    Vendor updates and patches are, as available, reviewed and applied to specific software in your pod environment, depending on the Active Support plan. The covered software is verified working after update or patching. Failed updates and patches are rolled back.

    Updates and patches typically fix software bugs, add features, enhance performance and resolve security issues. Applying updates and patches helps maintain the reliability, availability and security of business‑critical software.


    The availability and performance of specific systems, services and applications in the pod environment are actively monitored. If a problem or failure is detected an alert is generated, triggering an investigation, followed by remedial intervention as necessary.

    Status monitoring tools deployed in the pod environment observe, analyze and report on the components covered by the Active Support plan. Our engagement tools receive and act upon the reported information. These interactions are mostly automated and manual interventions are uncommon.

    Monitoring provides information necessary to understand how the covered systems, services and applications are performing momentarily and over time. This determines any remedial or preemptive actions required to avoid or minimize downtime, which is our key objective.


    All maintenance activities, notes, comments and recommendations are documented and recorded. Incident reports are prepared and provided to you when interventions occur or investigations are resolved. A full history of all reporting is present in the system status and change logs accessible from your account console.


    Our trouble ticketing and telephone callback services are available 24/7 to handle in‑scope service requests and inquiries. Sign in to your account console to view Active Support help pages and to create, view or reply to trouble tickets. Callback service is only available to Active Support subscribers.


    Your monthly subscription fee covers the activities, procedures and services listed in your Active Support plan. On request and as available, out‑of‑scope services are billable at preferential (discounted) rates.